This policy defines the support life cycle for Apollo Themes. If you are currently enrolled in support, you can contact Apollo via email or chat online.

Apollo provides support for the Shopify Template as defined in the following table :

Support type

Query Type


Full Support

1. Demo site display

Your site does not look like our demo site. No problem, provide us your site details and we will help you.

2. Installing theme

You are newbie in Shopify field. You do not know install theme. Please, provide us your site details and we will help you.

3. Bugs

We hate bugs and act swiftly to crush theme. Provide us steps to replicate the bug and let us do the rest.

Limited Support

1. New feature request

As long as the feature will add value to the product and is requested by others too, we will add theme.

2. Customization

Limited customization support is available only for developers. For regular members minor customization requests may be fulfilled depending upon the workload and staff discretion.

3. Old Version

We recommend using the latest versions of products in your site but we also understand that it's not possible every time. If provided with full details, screenshots and temporary login details, we can have a look and try to help.

No Support

1. Adding module positions or layout changes

As long as it does not fall under major customization expect good support. Please note, sometimes the template concept can be restrictive.

2. Server and Hosting

We can only help to point out issues, beyond that its between you and your hosting provider.




Forum or ticket system

We encourage you to use forum for asking questions, by this way, we can share our knowledge and experience to others. Besides, we have ticket system which is primarily for developers and for requesting sales queries. But obviously, if we answer questions via email, we will not answer them on forum.


Support Timing

Support is available from Monday to Friday, 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM. ApolloTheme will not support in public holiday. All information about public holiday, we will notify at  Apollo’s facebook and our forum.


Support Domain limitations

By purchasing Single Template you can only get accessing to one template but you can have unlimited domain support. Meanwhile, “Club Membership” are allowed to download all current template packages but support is limited to the number of domains allowed by membership plan.


Support Scope

Our support scope is limited to help users to get demo site alike display, bug fixes and guidance limited to the concept of template. Moreover, ApolloTheme will support to install theme when you pay developer package.


Delayed Support

Everyday, we receive lots of support tickets from other resources so the delay in support is inevitable. If beyond 24 hrs you do not receive our reply, you can escalate the issue for intervention with any of the following ways :

1. Send email again to

2. Fill in help desk support

3. Provide ticket ID and your problem via Chat (right bottom)

4. Ping us on facebook.


Paid Support

Customization requests beyond the scope of support is available using our custom work services. You can send your request to, we will notify the cost to you.

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